Welcome to Bag to Bowl

Before we start, I assure you that I will try to promise that I won’t brainwash you into thinking Pasta is the only food source available to humankind… I’ll try!

I’ll be sharing Recipes, Restaurants and Adventures: from my kitchen, recommendations/ reviews and new discoveries from being out & about in London, around the UK and trips away when I’m lucky enough to have the chance to travel.

Pasta has, over the course of the last year become an ever increasing passion of mine and I could quite happily have a bowl of it daily! As its not always conducive to be whipping out eggs, flour and a rolling pin or pasta machine; I’ll also be featuring recipes that I like to cook, ones that have inspired me or ones that are simply a happy discovery either it be from flicking through a new cookbook, the newspaper or from some of the fantastic people out there on Instagram (there’s so many to even list at this stage)!

I hope you enjoy following Bagtobowl and enjoy the recipes, food and adventure inspiration!